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B&B Hotel

Dining Room

Invites you to homemade meals.

Our dining room is a spacious and stylish room, where a nutritious buffet breakfast or a fixed menu dinner is served. For the convenience of our visiting families with babies we have prepared a number of high chairs.

Fireplace Room

It’s a warm and cosy room where you can spend time listening to music, talking or reading books from our library. The bar serves drinks and homemade cakes, and the merry fire invites you to relax. The room is also used by our guests to watch a movie or a game together, play parlor or board games at the end of the day. The furniture can be moved to make room for dancing.


The menu includes snacks, homemade cake, tea or coffee, various cold drinks, and, last but not least, homemade lemon liqueur.


Banquet Room

Banquets, parties, special events, friends’ meetings or team building events take place in our banquet room. We are ready to accommodate smaller or bigger groups up to 75 people.

Conference Room

If you are coming on business, we have just a room for you. It can be used for training sessions, lectures, seminars, presentations and workshops. It is equipped with:
  • Projector
  • Sound system
  • Screen and flipchart
  • Screen and flipchart
Possible room configurations include:
  • Classroom style
  • Auditorium or theater
  • U-shaped
  • U-shaped

Entertainment area

In case of inclement weather or if you have any energy left in the evening, why not play a round of billiard, table soccer or table tennis? Good time guaranteed.

Sport storage area

Here you can safely store your skiing equipment, sledges, bicycles or trekking shoes and boots. The room is heated and monitored.


It is a favorite area of our guests. In the morning you can enjoy sunshine here, while the evening brings cooling shade. After a whole day spent trekking in the mountains you can enjoy your coffee here, listening to chirping crickets and ripple of the Koziolek waterfall. What else does one need to be happy?

The terrace is where in the summer we organize grill parties and in the winter bonfires and sausage grilling.

Parking Area

Our hotel guests can use a gated, monitored parking lot, which is closed at night. We have enough parking spaces for every room in the hotel. There is also parking area for buses which bring groups of guests to our hotel.