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Local Attracions


KARKONOSZE– Mountains are the highest part of the Sudety Mountains range. Impressive rock formations, mountain lakes and falls are among some of the attractions to be admired there. They are an ideal area for all hiking fans, who can discover unusual and beautiful places while using perfectly prepared trails.


IZERA MOUNTAINS – the westernmost part of the Sudety Mountains, neighbor the Karkonosze. Their landscape is not as diversified, but the beautiful panoramic views of the valleys and hills will satisfy the most exacting hiking fans. Recommended for both hiking and bicycle riding.


KAMIENCZYK WATERFALL – The highest waterfall in the Karkonosze Mountains, a three-step cascade of 27 meters to the bottom of the Kamienczyk Gorge. The gorge is a 100-meter long beautiful valley with a truly fairytale atmosphere. It is no wonder that parts of “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” were shot there.


SZKLARKA WATERFALL – is the second highest Karkonosze waterfall, a 13.3 m high spiral cascade. It is situated in the Szklarka Gorge, an exceptionally picturesque part of the Karkonosze National Park.


SZRENICA – a 1362 m a.s.l. high mountain peak overlooking Szklarska Poreba, situated near the Polish and Czech border. It is well known to skiers, as it has a very popular ski and tourist resort in its vicinity. Szrenica is worth visiting in the summer, too, providing beautiful views and great memories.


SNIEZNE KOTLY – (literally Snowy Cirques, Snowy Pits) - two glacial cirques, a unique example of the alpine landscape. Some interesting species of arctic and alpine plants can be found there, as well as two small lakes with crystalline clear water called Sniezne Stawki (lit. snowy pools).


WYSOKI KAMIEN (literally High Rock) – a mountain top in the Izera Mountains (over 1000 m a.s.l.), from which you can see a breathtaking panorama of the Izera, Karkonosze , Kaczawskie , Rudawy Janowickie mountains and the Jelenia Gora Valley. A must see for every fan of strenuous hiking.


CHYBOTEK – – a rock formation made of granite blocks. The largest of the elements can be made to rock back and forth (with a little effort…). Since the 19th century one of the main tourist attractions of Szklarska Poreba. According to legends, the rock is the gate to an underground treasury.


ZLOTY WIDOK (literally Golden View) – a natural viewing platform, with a view of the Karkonosze mountains from Sniezka to Szrenica. The peak is at 610 m a.s.l. and hard to climb, but offers a beautiful view, which attracts lots of tourists. Nearby you will also find other interesting places: the legendary tomb of Karkonosz (folklore mountain spirit) and Chybotek rock formation.


ZAKRET SMIERCI (The Curve of Death) – A sharp, almost 180 degrees curve of the road, a great place to admire the panorama of Karkonosze and the Jelenia Gora Valley from the height of 775 m a.s.l. The name was attached to the place after a number of tragic car accidents happened there.


SWIERADOW ZDROJ – a spa town located in the Izera Mountains, full of diverse attractions, both in the town and its vicinity; for example, The Izera Dark Sky Park, Dom Przyslupowy at the promenade (an example of local architectural style), several fountains and small picturesque waterfalls. Come and see for yourself!


KARPACZ – a tourist town located at the foothills of Sniezka, the highest peak in the Karkonosze Mountains. Beautiful landscape and lots of attractions; for example, Vang Stave Church (an example of a Scandinavian religious building), Wild Waterfall, Toy Museum, Museum for Sport and Tourism, Orlinek ski jumping hill and many others.


JELENIA GORA – a 900-year-old town, justifiably called the Pearl of Karkonosze Mountains. When walking along the Jelenia Gora City Center Route you will find a lot of monuments of history, such as St. Anne’s Chapel, the City Hall and other magnificent buildings.


THE VALLEY OF PALACES AND GARDENS – a cultural park encompassing 20 palaces and gardens, which in the past were the seat of Silesian princes, The Royal House of Prussia, and aristocratic and noble families of Poland, Germany, Czech and Austria. Amazing buildings and wonderful gardens.


HARRACHOV (Czech Republic) – a tourist town located at an altitude of about 700 m a.s.l. Among its attractions are a famous ski jumping hill (including K-158 flying hill), numerous ski lifts and skiing trails. Downtown Harrachov is a good place to buy local souvenirs, for example crystal decorative objects from the local glass factory.


ROCK TOWN – National Nature Reserve in the Czech Republic, near the town of Adrspach. It is a maze of walkways leading among amazing fairytale sandstone formations; also, several thousand rock climbing trails, beautiful lakes. Some of the major attractions include boating on the lakes to further admire the landscape.


PRAGUE – the capital city of the Czech Republic is located only 150 km from Szklarska Poreba. It is the most popular tourist destination of Central Europe. Everybody needs to see some of its attractions, for example, the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Market and the Hradczany Castle, the largest castle complex in the world.


DRESDEN (Germany) – is a 2.5-hour drive from Szklarska Poreba. Called “the Florence of the North” is a city proud of its Baroque monuments. It is interesting to experience the history of the city, which has survived many wars and today still exudes its unique charm.